Building Dilemma at Bellaire!

Building Dilemma at Bellaire
By Ben H

The principal of Bellaire Primary school is starting a 3 million dollar project of buildings being constructed on the oval. Many students do play on the oval and don’t like this. “Good! Sport runs will be shorter!” Says David M. Some students do not want this to happen. “It will wreck all the play space!” Andoni F says. “I play on the oval myself and all the play space will be ruined!” He hopes that all footballers will not come down to play soccer on the terrace otherwise there will be too many players. Grade 5 students especially don’t want this to happen for further happiness next year. Many footballers play on the oval and the games will not be right as in the size of the field and goalposts will have to be moved up. The 2 people we interviewed were grade 5’s. They don’t play football, but they do not want this to happen for others sake and their own. They hope this doesn’t happen and they hope for the best.

David M is with this topic as i said before. “The oval may be big and Dusty, but it’s all we’ve got!” Some students seem to say. “It’s a bad oval, and Sport runs will be shorter!” David M exclaims confidently. “The Buildings should not go on the oval. Hopefully the laps will be shorter!” Some students don’t care about the oval and they wouldn’t care if the buildings went on or off. Should the buildings stay or should the buildings go? You choose.