Burglaries Are Like Flushing Money Down The Toilet

After a bad day at school or work, would you like to come home, sit on the couch with the fresh air blowing in your face where a window should be blocking it? Looking in the empty spot in the cabinet where that brand new two thousand dollar T.V use to sit? That is what it is like being burgled

A student that is named Mitch has been burgled he lost money jewellery and lots of other expensive stuff he said, “Burglaries are the wrong thing to do.” He thinks that he could get burgled in future because he has expensive things in his room. Bethany, another student thinks that it would be horrible to get burgled because you can lose things that are precious things to you and your family. She hasn’t been burgled but in the future she thinks that there is a good chance that she will.

Sean a burglar said, “That I have never been burgled in my life but I burgle people and I get awesome stuff like cars and money and I think if I got burgled I would just want to burgle more to replace the things that I have lost

Do you want that TV? Do you want that window or don’t you care? If you care then install a security system. If you don’t care then leave your home as it is and take the risk