Classes or play space you choose

By Oliver B
Bellaire Primary School is taking on a 3 million dollar project. They are building new classes on the oval, but is it the right choice? The teachers believe so but do the students? I have interviewed 2 Bellaire students on their opinion on the new building, how it will affect all parts of the school including Teachers, parents and students.

My first interview was with a grade five student, Andoni F, he said” I believe there should be a new building but not on the top oval. It should be put on the bottom oval because all the footballers will come down to play on the soccer field, it will become too crowded so it will be not as fun to play. The money used on this building should be used on some grass on the terrace quotes Andoni. Mrs Warren hopes it will be finished early next year, but Andoni hopes it will not be finished on time for the same reason.

My second interview was with Alex Ha grade six student, Alex is concerned about the younger children because that is where some of them hang out. Alex believes it should be put on the bottom oval because there is more space there. He believes that Mrs W's dream date will be made and it shall be finished on time. Alex thinks they put it there because that is the only space they have apart from the bottom oval.

Now you have heard their opinions, what do you think? This courageous project is supposed to be finished at the end of Term two 2010, but what do you think about this time schedule? I’ll leave that to you.