tennis court
Cut Surface? Cut Knees?

The Bellaire tennis court is a rough dangerous surface some say. Others say its fine. It is located near the terrace surrounded by a wire cage with a colorful mural.

Keen tennis players at Bellaire don’t have a synthetic court to play on. The lines and net are an issue says the players. Grade 5 tennis player Oliver said “The lines aren’t clear and when you play a shot it‘s hard to see if it’s its in or not.” The lines in the student staff match made it quiet difficult to see. Bellaire Primaries net had to be held up “The net is not very good quality,” said Oliver Brind while trying not to offend the school. If this court was to be re-surfaced what surface should it be? Would grass be too hard to keep? Would clay need too much cleaning? “Anything apart from clay and grass,” said Oliver. Do the tennis players need a better court or should they keep the one they’ve

The tennis court isn’t just for tennis these days P.E workshops use it for modified games. Year 5 student Andoni said “Enough people use it and there are different games other than tennis being played.” He also brought up that people cut themselves. Last year when grade 6 student Lachlan lost his fingernail on that court when he fell over and scraped it along the court. Andoni also said “it was safe enough for a P.E workshop but it needs a few improvements.” The incident with Lachlan occurred in a P.E workshop playing a warm up game. Recently the senior basketball court has been re-surfaced to a smooth concrete should this happen to the tennis court?

There are 2 sides for this argument but for now the old Bellaire tennis court will have to stay the same…

By Alex H

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