Doesn’t everybody just hate that smelly dog dropping that is left on your lawn or in the park. Obviously some people don’t mind because they are the ones that leave it there have interviewed 2 people and they have said what they think.

Firstly I interviewed Tracey. She said that it is discussing we need to have clean parks to walk in and know that we won’t step in dog poo. I have a dog and when I go walking I always take a plastic bag just in case. There is bags and bins expesheley for it. Everyone is trying to help but it doesn’t matter to some people if only they could see the mess that they are making.

I also interviewed John who thinks that it is okay as long as it isn’t on the path way it will be
Alright. If you do stand in dog poo it’s only your shoes. My dog loves to run around and play with other dogs. But there aren’t enough doggie bags that are provided by the council. I use green shopping
bags to help the environment so I don’t have plastic bags lying around. IF THE COUNCEL WANTS THIS TO STOP THEY SHOULD PROVIDE MORE BAGS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So dog poo is discussing but should we pick it up or just leave it?