Around Geelong Many people have noticed Dogs snapping on people wether it has been the full moon or carless owners they have been going savage towards people.

Dog owner Margret C says that it is dog instinct to bite if threatened by humans and that there it can also be extremely loud to a dog as they can hear much more than us making them agitated and ready to bite. She also said that the amount children just carelessly patting dogs without taking precautions is almost all children. “Dogs will bite if threatened and if people haven’t taken precautions it’s their own fault”.

Mother Jo R Says that her daughter in October last year was growled at by a massive dog and she almost fell over from fright and she did all the precautions expected.. The dog owner was extremely upset with her dog just snapping out on people. “The dogs around Geelong are just going snapping at people. The dog that lives next door is extremely loud and aggressive it is impossible not to hear it bark at us every time we go outside if it managed to get over the fence we would be in strife.

What’s opinion and how could we train dogs to be less aggressive.

By Will R Year 5