Double or nothing?
The question has been around for a long time about weather inter school sports should go for longer or not. Some say it’s for the better but other’s say it’s a bad idea. This is their story’s.

One of the student’s that want this to happen is grade 5 student Will R. He said that the students should be able to play a wide range of sports out doors and make some new friends along the way. He had also said that if they were to extend the competition they would have to include more sport’s in order for it to run more smoothly . But Will is only one out of twenty student’s that want this operation to be run.

The student of Bellaire are also saying that it will mummify there education and that most of them don’t like sport. Georgia W one of the student’s from the SLU in grade 6 said “The cost to run inter school sport program now is $15 to do it for 2 term’s, so if it was extended it would be $30 all together for 4” She and some other student’s are worried that there mom’s and dad’s will not pay thirty dollars for them to do sports they could do at snack or lunch. Another opinion from Georgia was that instead of doing and hour a week of sport against other schools, they could do an hour of P.E or just free time for sport. Like playing sprout-ball, net ball or oval octopus to pass the time.

Both sides have great points but its up to the teachers and the parents to decide but what would you choose. Double or Nothing?