The early bird gets the worm
In the last month the residents of Grovedale have been waking up to the sound of bob cats and hammers by builders working. 4 week ago on Sunday 24th of may builder started building at nine o’clock in the morning and haven’t been back since.
The next door neighbor from the site were furious when they were woken up at such an early hour. Jenni G the owner of the house said that her and her family were still in bed when the building started. She also said that she doesn’t know how they got the right to work so early Everyone in the street if you ask them would say that it was wrong for them to do such a thing.
But the builder have a different story all together. They say that they did nothing wrong at all. When I asked them they said “Were just doing our job building. We know we were up at nine o’clock but the job had to be done”
Now that you have heard the two stories what do you think? Do you side with the innocent residents or the builders?