Fluoride madness!

Fluoride is in Melbourne and other places water, they are still deciding whether it should go into Geelong’s drinking water. Here is an Article about fluoride and some lady’s point of view about it. The first point of view Miss S thinks fluoride would be helpful to less fortunate and remote areas to look after their teeth. “If fluoride goes into the water, people in remote areas who cant get to a shop to get tooth paste!” She thinks drinking the water won’t make a difference; she will still drink the same amount of water each day. Mrs I thinks fluoride is a bad idea. Fluoride is made of poisonous waste products. “Who wants to drink that?” she says. Mrs I is allergic to the water, “No way am I going to make myself sick!” Mrs I thinks fluoride is not a good idea for Australia because she isn’t the only one allergic to fluoride and it is a poisonous chemical and Australia have enough chemicals added to our everyday food now. Fluoride might act like tooth paste but what about the other people like Mrs I who are allergic to fluoride. Well that’s my article about fluoride in Geelong’s water.

By Emily