Geelong’s own no more?

Geelong Football club have been in talks with other AFL clubs such as the Western Bulldogs wether they could use their home ground Skilled stadium for two home games in 2010

Geelong Cats member Keith Gawne, believes that it should be open to other clubs because its turning into an A grade facility and its use should be maximized. Also that it would put more money into the stadium because of the profit they’d make. This means that it could improve the stands, ground and player facilities.

Member of the public Tracey McGrane believes that there are positives and negatives. The positives are that Geelong Football Club would receive more money. The negatives are that the ground could suffer if it was used to much. Plus more people would use the trains to and from Geelong and also more people would the new ring road. This means that also they would use our restaurants, hotels and shops, making Geelong a more popular city.

The result will be final in 4-6 weeks. This will effect many supporters of Geelong and Western Bulldogs, either way.