Graffiti in our school
The graffiti in Bellaire Primary School is getting much worse and the students are getting sick of being accused. When are the High school students going to stop?

The High schoolers are a big menace in Bellaire primary school, always coming after school and doing their horrible pranks and vandalising the walls and paths. A student at Bellaire primary school, Ben, says,’ they are horrible!’ Everything from throwing wet toilet paper on the roof to doing graffiti on the walls and paths. It is an outrage.

The students, however, have no intention to stop. They think it is a fun game and will continue doing it. Some Bellaire P.S students are reporting not the high school students, but their very own class mates doing some of that vandalism. So, it is possible that some of the things done are not all the high school students fault.

Graffiti has been a big problem over the years, not just for Bellaire, but everywhere. It is not likely to stop.