Graffiti on Roslyn
Graffiti, vandalism. What is there to say? It happens and we deal with it. Or shuld we be paying more attention more attention to these happenings.

Tracey M gave us a MASSIVE wake up call.She is completely against and thinks it is disgusting and disrespectful. "If anything should be done we should find the people who did it, make them clean it up, fine them, give them a criminal record and community service." If those vandals were here right now Tracey would say, "This is not art! Grow up!" She adds, "What would your parents say? As far as I'm concerned it's not art.It is just like writing your name everywhere! My three year old daughter could do that! If this is what you call "art" do it in your own backyard on your own canvas!"

But teenager Kelly just says, "Whatever. They are just teens and gangsters drawing on walls." Kelly thinks it doesn't involve her and it doesn't really matter. " If I had to do something, I would find the people who did it and tell them to clean it up. But I'm just a kid and no one will listen to me." Once seeing the graffiti and seeing first hand what teenagers can do she decided, "It's everyday life, happens all the time. Besides I haven't seen that much graffiti."

So, life goes on graffiti or no and we ignore or act.

By Kate S