Vandalism or Art???
Graffiti is a big issue in Geelong. Art or Vandalism, you decide. A lot of people think it ‘puts a downer’ on the city. Isaac H, an 11-year-old member of the community says that if they don’t have permission then they shouldn’t do it. Not everyone agrees with him though. Mitch L, a local graffiti artist says that it is the best art around.
“Most of the time it’s just peoples tags and it looks really bad.” Isaac, a year 6 student said that they should, make a reward for catching the artist in the act and that would crack down on the vandalism.
“You don’t have to pay to see this art, that’s the best thing about it.” Mitch L said. The artist that he has the best house around because it is bright and colourful, covered with his art. “Just let it go, the police will never win!” he said.
The Geelong Council is trying to cut down on this, but there are still a lot more artists out there. Should they just make a wall for graffiti artists? Or should the Geelong Council make an undercover spy at skate parks, where the graffiti begins?
By Joel H