In or out for lollies?
On Thursday the 21st of May, 2 people were interviewed on their feelings about the canteen selling lollies, many people wonder why the canteen doesn’t sell lollies, other people wonder if the canteen will ever sell lollies again. Now we are going to find out what two year six students at Bellaire Primary School think.
Year six student Kate says, “I strongly believe that the canteen should sell lollies because kids love them and they taste good, it would also get lots more business if it sold lollies. But year six student Grant thought differently.
“I don’t think that the canteen should sell lollies because people will get obese, sick, and could possibly lose teeth!!” Grant also informed us that children’s parents would not be giving children money to spend on lollies anyway!!
So far, nothing has been decided as to what will happen. Everyone is led to believe that the canteen will never sell lollies again, but how sure can you get?
Written by Ashleigh, SJ (6)