By Skyler L-T

Some kids think school is fun but some kids are sick and say they can’t force us to go. I have interviewed some people that have said what they believe in so is it or is it not okay to be away.

I have interviewed the principal Mrs W and she believes that we should be at school all the time she said if we don’t go to school we won’t have the knowledge to finish school and have a job.”We aim high at Bellaire so we can reach our goals and one of our goals is to have everyone be at school all the time. We also pay for school if we don’t go it will be a waste of our money.

Also I have interviewed student Ash C who thinks that school is not needed all the time if we want a day of school we should get a day of she said school is important but they can’t force us to go to school every day what if we are sick we are allowed to have the day of school or we will spread the disease. WE pay for school we are in charge of when we go at what day.

Over all some people think school is great and if we don’t go it will be a waste of money but others think we could be sick and we should be able to have some days of school.

By Skyler L-T