Is it unfair or should they take more care?

Many kids all wish they had their own Laptop. At Bellaire Primary School the year 5’s do get their own Laptops. At Bellaire Primary School the year 5’s who got given the Laptops think it was a great idea for the year 5’s at Bellaire to only get the Laptops. On the other hand the year 6’s at Bellaire Primary School think it was so unfair that the year 5’s get them and they don't.

I interviewed Georgia Woodhead who is a year 6 student at Bellaire Primary School, and thinks it is totally unfair. ‘I think it’s totally unfair I look around my whole classroom and I see all the year 5’s using their very own Laptops, it’s so unfair.” Then I interviewed Sasha M.

“I think it is totally fair that we got the Laptops we are younger and we should get the privilege plus the year 6’s have our Computers and Or Macs and things.’

In the end I have been thinking both of their point of views sound really fair if you got your own Laptop I’m pretty sure people would be jealous of you.

By Cecilia D