It's A Want, but Is It A Need.

Some schools have school gyms. Some say it would be great when needing to get out of the rain but do we, at Bellaire really need one? A lot of schools have school gyms. Generally school gyms are used for Basketball, Netball, Drama and Assembly. Grade five student Macka H says,’’ We’ve got two basketball courts, a terrace and two ovals, do we really need one?’’ School gyms keep people out of the rain. When it does rain then it lets people go in and keep on playing what they were playing. P.E. teacher Mr Morris says,’’ It would help me and my class when it’s raining’’. Grade five sporty student Jack B says,’’ When it rains we usually go to the multipurpose room which you can’t do much.’’ We have got plenty of space for a school gym but other students think that the money could be used on something better. The result could be controversial.

By Lachlan B