Killer crossing or is it? crossing.jpg

Danger or safe? Killer or life saver? Find out. This article talks to the people who know so you can take your pick on who you go with. Bellaire crossing, is it dangerous or safe? Is it a dangerous crossing because there is no supervisor to stop the cars? Or is it not dangerous? Some people think it is completely fine as it is.

Paige S, a Bellaire student said, “Someone could get hit by a car or trip on the side of the gutter.”The crossing is very dangerous because someone could get hit by a car because there is no supervisor to stop the cars. Paige recommends that a crossing supervisor be put in place straight away.

The crossing supervisor on Larcombe Street thinks that the crossing on Cuthbert Avenue shouldn’t even be there because not enough people use it. She said that the school tried to get the crossing moved but it didn’t happen. She also thinks that it should be moved because people need to go on people’s nature strips to cross safely.

Those two can keep fighting forever. There are the two sides of the issue. Have you taken your pick yet?

By Liam D