More or Less?
By Will T
Should every student have netbook?

One point of view is everybody should have netbooks. However the government might need money to build a park or something else.

Grade 5 student Chris thinks everybody should have netbook. He gave us some resons. He think is fair and we can give some macs to the middles,Juniors and Preps and if they know how to use the mac when they grow up they might know better than the teachers.

However the other side doesn’t care about it because he doesn’t have the power because he is only a student. He also thinks if the government needs money and he gave the money to us the country might need money, if that happens the school might be closed.

Lots of peopel don’t know which side to go for because they are all very powerful and people don’t not which side is going to win. There is 10 peeople on ach side. Who’s going to win?