New building. Yes or No?

Bellaire P.S is a growing environment. The principal, Mrs W thinks a new building is the way to go. She thinks on the oval is best but what about the students.

A grade five student, Macka H plays football on the oval and doesn't think the building should go there, “Where are the goal post going?!” He also says “Use the bottom oval!” Macka H has a very strong opinion. Macka still thinks it will be a successful place to work for the people who get it.

Keely M a grade six student thinks the new building will be spectacular; it should be successful like the SLU. “The preps will probably get it.” she also says it will be good for the upcoming student. Keely M has a buddy in prep and has been is the class rooms, “They are really small, for 25 students.”

They might both thinks it will be successful but they both have their own point whether the new building should go ahead!

Emily W