Obtaining Laptops, yes or no?

The SLU for the Bellaire P.S students is a very enjoyable place, but the grades 5’s have one thing that overlooks everything. This article will discover both sides of the issue of grade 6’s in Bellaire receiving netbooks just like the grade 5’s.

For the first point of view, we interviewed Emily W a grade 6 in Bellaire to find out her opinion of the school issue. She stated that the grade 6’s can be trusted, maybe even more with the netbooks because they used the Apple Macs last year. She also explained that it would be a spectacular experience for the grade 6’s because then they can “track their work through high school.”

For the second point of view we again interviewed an SLU student but this time we interviewed a grade 5, Sasha M. She also explained that the grade 5’s getting laptops is a great idea and opportunity for them. She can also see the other side to this issue and thinks that if the grade 6’s got netbooks it would could potentially help the grade 5’s. “If the grade 6’s received laptops and they had a grade 5 friend they could explore the netbooks together,” quoted Sasha.

So there are the two opinions on whether the grade 6’s should get netbooks as well. They both have their positives and negatives but that is not in our place to influence.
By Keely M