Razor Blade. Or Fluffy Cotton Ball?

Some say the oval needs improvement, while others say that the oval is fine the way it is.But it’s just the way it is. Or is it?
Students who consistently play on the oval agree that it could do with a bit of improvement and be re-turfed. “Too many people are falling over and hurting themselves, due to it’s ghastly condition!” said Master B. When questioned further on the topic of whether the money could be spent on the oval or could it go in the direction of school education and, latest buildings, his reply was, ” I would rather spend the money on the oval and have a secure playing area than new buildings.”
“Nonetheless the oval is a dilemma for some, to others it’s not a matter!” said Master F. While he doesn’t play on the oval a lot, when asked if he thought it (oval) was safe or not his response was, ”Yes because it’s got a bit of grass on it and if you fell over you would only scuff your knee!” In fact, he is that confident that he would invite another school to play a vigorous game of football on the oval. Also when asked if it could be harmful to the other students his response was. “No, not really!”
At the end of the day whether you play on the oval or not. It all comes down to the decision of the school committee and Mrs.W. But students hope to see a new oval by the end or start of next year.

By Will.S