There is one question students and teachers have been asking. Is Bellaire safe and secure? Some students and teachers think there is no need for improvement. Others think that everything about the security needs improvement as soon as possible.

Grade 6 student Joel G believes that we may have to go as far as having security cameras wired to the police and have alarms wired on the gates. Joel G also reported that, “There are no strong points of security because we have no high tech security systems.”

Teacher Mr. KT also said that the security is not safe enough and believes that Bellaire is a main target because, “There are lots of buildings to hide and lots of cover like trees and buildings to hide behind.” He also believes that we should have alarms wired on the gates. As a final suggestion he also said, “it might cost a lot but maybe we might need security dropping in and checking on us”.

Grade 5 student Lachlan B thinks that our security is fine and there is no need for improvement and it is also stronger than ever. Lachlan said, “that they used to have security cars going through the school and checking up on us every two weeks." He also said, “we have heaps of strong points like the new tall fences and the gate locks outside”. He also said that “there has been a big decrease of vandalism over twelve months and there won't be much more in the next two years.

What's your opinion: upgrade to higher security or stay the same?

By Will R Year 5 SC