School Ovals Future Hangs in Balance
Bellaire Primary Schools oval is a recess hit used for football, chasie, inter-schools sports and a lot more activities. People say that we are lucky to even have an oval because a lot of schools ovals are basically enlarged sandpits’. But a lot of people complain about the quality of our oval and say it needs a renovation. Here are some reasons for both sides of the issue. A year 5 student at Bellaire Primary School, Andoni F, is not a regular user of the and said that we’re lucky too even have an oval and it’s big. He also said it’s a great large space for sport and other activities. A year ¾ teacher from Clairvaux Catholic School described their oval as “Dirty, dry, dusty and cracked.” She also said that Bellaire’s oval compared to clairvauxs was MCG standard! She also added that the limited rain has only produced weeds, not grass.
Unlike Andoni, Mitchell L is a regular user of the oval. It is his 7th and last year at Bellaire and he says it has needed to be fixed up for as long as he can remember. He doesn’t see any pluses of the oval and thinks it is dangerous. Although Mitchell is a regular user of the oval he is sick of being injured on the oval, one of his “Trademark” incidents was when he ran into our unpadded goal posts. He thought he was knocked out cold; He wasn’t but it still did some damage. He says that the improvements that need to be made are new grass, padded goal posts and nets behind the goals.
No action has been taken but a lot of students may still try and persuade Mrs Warren and the school council to give the oval a renovation.