Should grade 5's and 6's receive netbooks?

The Grade 5 students in all of Victoria have obtained a Netbook; a laptop with wireless capabilities a built in camera, built in microphone and an extremely high quality screen. But only the grade 5’s have obtained one. Maybe the grade 6’s should receive one? Maybe we shouldn’t receive netbooks at all, grade 5’s and 6’s?

We could get rid of netbooks all together; it’s silly and bad for your eyes staring at a computer screen all day. A grade 5 student from Bellaire Primary School Oliver B says”This is just a trial, it probably won’t work”.

A grade 6 student at Bellaire Primary School Joel G says” it’s unfair on the grade 6’s, we should get one as well” The netbooks are a great idea to help with learning, although they are very pricey.

Mrs W, Principal of Bellaire Primary School should think into this.
What do you think?