Should It stay Or Should It Go?

The topic of losing the oval, Is it a good or bad? The principal of Bellaire Primary School is planning to build a new learning centre that will be worth about 2.5million or 3million dollars. It is the biggest learning centre that has been made at Bellaire Primary School. Many new developments have been made in the past and have all been very successful but is this one necessary. We have gone to Bellaire Primary School to find out. Interviewees were Keely M and Ashleigh C they have offered to speak with us.
Ashleigh C believes that, "we should get the new building because education is more important than playing and that we will be able to do more specialists than we are doing now." She also stated that we have too much room and we should use it up with more important things like the new learning centre and we need education more than we need to play."
Grade 6 Keely M showed us, "that the building won't be good for the students at Bellaire Primary School now because they are used to the oval and the juniors enjoy their playground," She agrees that there are some positives. "My sister is coming in a few years and I would really like her to enjoy it whatever unit she is in." Keely also said that "Some sports may not be able to be played and those sports may be liked by the students of Bellaire Primary School.
The new building is it a good thing or a bad thing? At the moment Bellaire Primary School has a perfectly good oval should they keep it or should they put a new learning centre on it? Is education better for the students or the freedom to play?

By Beth D