Should the buildings stay or should they go?

The school is in a quarrel after Mrs W our principal decided that they will build a new building on the oval, with the money they are getting from the government. Half of the school thinks this is a terrible idea and will ruin everything. The rest of the school thinks it’s a wonderful idea and will make the school a better place. So the question is should it stay or should it go?
Half the school wants it to come for numerous reasons. Mrs W said “it will be a good opportunity to learn and we can’t put it on the bottom oval because it is to far away from the main buildings.” Other students are rejoicing because the laps will be shorter.
The other side think it’s a disgrace to the school and will ruin everything. Most of the juniors think nothing of this idea because it will destroy half their play space. Ben H a senior student said “I hope the footballers will stay on the oval but if the buildings go on the oval you can’t be shore of anything.”
The buildings are going ahead but should they go on the oval? So this is it should it stay or should it go?
By Andoni F