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Some senior students at Bellaire P.S. have decided it's time to face the big issues and see what makes the school tick! Please read their articles and leave your "letters to the editor" in the discussion space. Click on a headline below to read the article...


More or Less By Will T

In Or Out For Lollies? By Ash C
Obtaining Laptops, Yes Or No? By Keely M
Cut Surface? Cut Knees? By Alex H
Classes or Playspace. You Choose! By Oliver B
Gym rumour divides school! By JoelG

New Building. Yes or no? By Emily W
Safe and Secure? By Will R

House Challenges. Yes or No? By Joel H
Razor Blade or Fluffy Cotton Ball? By Will S
Bigger for the better? By Georgia W
Is Sport Enough? By Isaac H

Just because you're older, doesn't mean you're better! By Kate S
Is it OK to be away? By Skyler L-T
Building Dilemma at Bellaire! By Ben H
It's a want but is it a need? By Lachlan B
School oval's future hangs in balance By Macka H

Should the oval stay or should it go? By Mitch L
Is it time to put up the nets? By Nick B
We'd like one, but do we need one? By Jack B
Should Middles count?
Is it unfair or should they take more care? By Cecilia D
Should the building stay or should it go? By Andoni F

Double or Nothing? By Mitch G
Killer Crossing Or Is It? By Liam D
Should It Stay Or Should It Go? By Beth D
Should Grade 5's and Grade 6's receive netbooks? By David M
Bellaire Can't Decide By Chris M

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